Zeeshan Mansoori
1 day ago
Be a man you can be proud of. Who takes care of his own.

A man who has the power of the universe at his fingertips.

Making what mortals call impossible, his bare minimum for the day.

Zeeshan Mansoori
3 days ago
Qur’an verse about manners

Don’t lie (22:30)
Don’t spy (49:12)
Don’t exult (28:76)
Don’t insult (49:11)
Don’t waste (17:26)
Feed the poor (22:36)
Don’t backbite (49:12)
Keep your oaths (5:89)
Don’t take bribes (27:36)
Honour your treaties (9:4)
Restrain your anger (3:134)
Zeeshan Mansoori
4 days ago
Zeeshan Mansoori
5 days ago
You will never get rich without a plan. Stop hoping. Start planning
Zeeshan Mansoori
7 days ago
Understand that as people become poor, the money hasn’t vanished. Someone else is becoming rich.
Zeeshan Mansoori
8 days ago
Israeli forces imposed tight security measures on Sunday, ejecting worshippers from Al-Aqsa Mosque and intensifying their presence around it, denying access to any Palestinian below the age of 50 to clear the way for Israeli settlers on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.
Zeeshan Mansoori
8 days ago
In school, you learn lessons and then you are tested.

With God, you're tested and then you learn lessons.
Zeeshan Mansoori
9 days ago
Death toll jumps to at least 11,300 in Libya after floods in Derna. Many still missing.. 🇱🇾💔
Zeeshan Mansoori
11 days ago
May Allah (SWT) allow us to reach the holy month of Ramadan 🤍🤲🏽
Zeeshan Mansoori
11 days ago
More than 2,000 lives lost in earthquake that took place in Morocco. 🇲🇦💔

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.
Zeeshan Mansoori
12 days ago
Moroccans share their tea and hospitality to aid workers despite losing their homes to the earthquake. 🇲🇦💔
Zeeshan Mansoori
13 days ago
Cost is the enemy of the poor man, so the poor try to save money.

Time is the enemy of the rich man, so the rich try to save time.

When I was poor, I still valued Time > Cash.

Never waited for a bus, I took a taxi.

I was WORKING so hard that I knew my TIME had value.
Zeeshan Mansoori
15 days ago
You will have everything you want if you ACTUALLY work hard.

It's literally IMPOSSIBLE to fail.

Few understand this.
Zeeshan Mansoori
17 days ago
They hate muslims because our faith in God doesnt let them poison our minds.
Zeeshan Mansoori
19 days ago
The rules are designed to prevent you from freedom.

They’re so concisely derived that even if you break them - you stand near zero chance.

You must CHANGE THE GAME that you’re playing entirely.
Zeeshan Mansoori
21 days ago
“Focused men are obsessed with certain things and that is bad”

Wasn’t Ghengis Khan obsessed with conquering the world?

#zeeshan #Chatie
Zeeshan Mansoori
23 days ago
Allah is the best of planners. 🤍
Zeeshan Mansoori
22 days ago
If the journey of this world was easy patience wouldn’t be one of the doors of Jannah.

There is good in everything but only if you look with faith.

The rain doesn't ruin your plans, it gives you a chance to make more dua.

You lost something beloved to you because Allah heard things you didn't hear.

You can't fall asleep because Allah wants you to talk to him.

Your life is hard because Allah is opening the gates of Jannah for you.
Zeeshan Mansoori
23 days ago
Allah is the best of planners. 🤍
24 days ago
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